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Date: 17 May 2022



Blues Sports' Leadership Programme

OHS has partnered with the Blues Charitable Trust in a new initiative being run out of the rugby franchise.  A group of 20 sportsmen and women from five of our major sporting codes have been selected to attend a four week sport’s leadership programme.  The students have an opportunity to hear from staff, coaches and players from within the franchise and listen to stories about their leadership journeys.  To date, the group has met and heard from players Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Stephen Perofita, Jack Goodhue and Kirk Ekland as well as coach Ben Afeaki.  On top of this, the students have been able to observe Blues training sessions and tour through the Blue’s facilities at their Greenlane base.

The programme provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to examine their own leadership styles and grow and develop as sportspeople both on and off the courts and fields.

 OHS thanks facilitator and organiser Rob Woodley from the Blues for giving us the opportunity to participate in this programme.  

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