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Date: 05 March 2019



Athletics 2019


The Onehunga High School Athletics Day was held at Mt Smart Stadium this year.

Six hundred students and accompanying staff boarded buses and headed to the stadium in what was perfect conditions for an athletics competition. Clouds threatened rain, but thankfully the drizzle didn’t arrive in time to dampen the enthusiasm of participants.

Everyone competed and supported each other with great heart and encouraging spirit. Perhaps  no one competed in more track events than Joseph Haioti 12Pj who displayed great Loyalty and Courage. Well done Joseph!

Congratulations to the following students for performances good enough to qualify them for the Central Eastern Zone Competitions.

Precious Kalauta             9Ir

Charlotte Lalord                          9Tr

Christopher Latu              9Hy

Pale Purotu                                 9Go

Matthew Rippon              9Pt

Ihaia Waaka Morrison                 9Tr

Maia Gilbert                    10Wha

Y’quesha Itama                          10Al

Sivi Kiole                         10Mx

Josias Manukeu                         10Ps

Johnsim Rangi                10Wha

Vincent Rogers                           10Mx

Ben Webb                       10Cw

Eva White                                   10Db

Kemen Zulaika Nillesen  10Al

Ian Finau                                     11Aj

Gabriel Harrison-Kauie    11Ds

Shogo Nishiyama                        11Up

Josiah Raela                    11Pk

Nathaniel Tangimataiti                 11Ds

Elijah Belton                     12Do

Blake Costley                              12Wo

Jennifer Finau                  12Wo

Meleane Hala                              12Hm

Benny Lam Sam               12Pj

Morticia Levi                                12Hw

Laura Mackness               12By

Annie Manukeu                            12Pj

‘Ahoika Sinipata                12Hm

Ruth Dean                                    13Sn

Finn Johnston                   13 Sp

Metanoea Saulala                        13Ea

Micah Taufa                       13Ea

Danika Thompson                        13Lu

The following students did extremely well representing OHS at the Central Eastern Zone Competition last week.

Mele Hala

1st Shot Put

Ruth Dean

1st Long Jump

Morticia Levi

2nd High Jump

Josiah Manukeu

3rd Discus

Ben Webb

6th 1500

Finn Johnston

7th 200m

Senior Boys’

4Th  4x100 Relay



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