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Posted in General ARA Prizegiving Winners

Date: 27 September 2019



A number of OHS students have been fortunate enough to have had work experience in businesses located in the airport  precinct. The work has been organised through ARA who work with employers in this area to develop pathways to sustainable work for our young people.

Congratulations to the students who made the most of these opportunities, some of whom worked in their holidays and impressed their employers greatly. Some students got a taste for work in an area they were considering pursuing, only to discover after this experience that it wasn’t for them. This is extremely useful in helping to make good decisions for your future. In every case students now have the all important experience that employers like to see on CV’s.

Congratulations to every student who participated and in particular the following students who were surprised at the prizegiving, to be awarded prize money of between $250- $500 to spend on equipment they may need as they continue their journey to further training or work.

Congratulations, Isaac Hawtin, Charlotte Tui, Zara Tafili-Tamepo ,Lewis Mc Knight and Quisha Lacadin.


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