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Date: 01 December 2023



Active Lifestyles  2023


The Year 10 camp is for many students the highlight of their year. For those students who are anxious about the prospect of camp, but who show courage and loyalty by attending and tackling new challenges, the rewards, in increased confidence and self esteem and making new friendships, are huge.

Students were divided into two groups, Te Kaha and Te Mana. Each of the groups attended a camp at Mangawhai Heads for 3 days, enjoyed a day at North Head and Cheltenham beach and climbed to the top of Rangitoto.

Students were asked to bring to all activities a positive attitude, an open mind and a willingness to give everything a go and certainly that is exactly what they did. Students had experiences they had never had before and their enthusiasm was contagious. Kayaking was a favourite activity despite the odd tipping out! Body surfing at the ocean beach and learning about safety in the surf was popular. The early morning wake up and swim were a challenge for some. The water slide is always popular, while learning survival skills and competing in challenges which required team work, perseverance and problem solving skills brought out the competitive nature of some students and staff! Everybody agreed the food was fantastic!

Staff have been impressed by the good nature and positivity of students.The leadership skills, resilience and perseverance of students was impressive as they tackled challenges and gave every new experience a go, encouraging and helping each other.

Most important was the whanaungatanga, which developed in the groups. The new friendships and relationships that developed through this shared experience will be treasured long after Lifestyle week ends.



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