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Date: 16 November 2018



2018 Senior Awards Ceremony

The highlight of the school year for many is the Senior Awards Ceremony, which is a formal celebration of the outstanding achievements of so many of our students.

From the moment the Kaikaranga called to the official party from the stage, and then the Kapa Haka group sang, the audience was in their thrall.

In her opening address, Principal Deidre Shea explained how proud she was of our students, and she recounted the words of the Education Review Office who were in the school in September; they were impressed and kept saying, “your students are wonderful”, as Ms Shea explained this was something we already knew. She said, “Our students have so much to offer. Please work hard; develop your skills and make the most of your talents.”

Ms Shea explained that this year, for the first time we would not be announcing Dux or Proxime Accessit at the conclusion of the Award Ceremony. This year we had so many students whose achievements to date meant that they were all in the running for these prestigious awards that it was only fair to wait until we had all the confirmed assessment results before making any decisions. We hope that as many people as possible will attend our Onehunga High School scholarship assembly at the beginning of Term Two next year when the Dux and Proxime   Accessit will be announced. With students increasingly studying individualised programmes at senior level, this will be the beginning of a new tradition.

The musical items, as we have come to expect, were outstanding. The Jazz band performed ‘Work Song’ by Nat Adderley. Adele’s ‘When We Were Young’, was performed by Leilani, Janie, Jacob, Elliot, Jerome, Osamu and Josiah. We were treated to a very moving dance titled ‘Old Man’s Example, choreographed and performed by Tukotahi, Brandyn and Samuel.

Many talented and hardworking students were recognised for their achievements in three categories; academic excellence, outstanding effort and service to the school. Congratulations to all award winners.

A huge thank you must be made to all those individuals, groups and institutions who continue to support our young people by providing the many scholarships that we are able to award to deserving students to help them continue with tertiary study. We are very humbled by and thankful for your ongoing support of our students.


We would especially like to acknowledge the following award winners:

Jubilee Cup                              Jacob Ngan-Sue

Humanitarian Award                Sophia Wells

People’s Choice Award           Joshua D’Silva

Dennie Walls Endeavour Cup  Deon Dean


Year 11 Merit Cup Boys           Lee Wong

Year 11 Merit Cup Girls            Holly Hu

Year 12 Merit Cup Runner Up Caitlin Read    

Year 12 Merit Cup                    Karolina Vachudova


Dux Ludorum                           Blake Costley


Year 13 Outstanding Academic Achievers   Michael French, Zoe Forrest, Lesley Ly, Matthew Moran, Zane Neki, Jacob Ngan-Sue, Cerys Purnell and Sophia Wells.


The Head prefects Emma Tuave and Sione Ufi reflected on their time at OHS.They observed how much all of their cohort had grown and changed as a result of all the opportunities and challenges that they had faced. Both students are grateful for the friendships and camaraderie of their cohort. They thanked the prefect team, teachers, their Dean Mr Filipo and Deputy Principal, Ms Mc Naughton for their support and guidance. They look forward to their futures which they will face with Loyalty and Courage.

The ceremony ended with the singing of the school song after which afternoon tea was served for all.

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