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Date: 07 May 2019



2018 Scholarship Assembly

Onehunga High School is delighted to recognise the outstanding achievements of our top scholars who achieved considerable success in 2018.

The Scholarship Assembly to honour their achievements, which was held this week was attended by senior students, award winners and their whanau.

Principal Deidre Shea welcomed students and their families to the celebration to recognise those students who have achieved at the highest academic level. OHS has been awarding scholarships to students who have achieved a grade point average of 95% or over in their top 80 credits since 1993. This means that all those students honoured achieved at least 65 credits of their top 80 at Excellence.

This year we also awarded the Dux and Proxime Accessit cups at the Scholarship Assembly. In the interest of fairness and accuracy it has become obvious that we need to make these awards after we have confirmed NCEA results, meaning it is not possible to accurately determine recipients before this time.

Ms Shea challenged all students to work hard to achieve to a level that represented excellence for them. This may mean different things for different people. It could be achieving University Entrance or entry into a course. The important thing is to work hard consistently, to achieve the goals which you have identified as being important to you.

The Jazz Band entertained us performing two items, ‘At Last’ by Etta James and Johnny Mercer’s, ‘Autumn Leaves’. Congratulations:Nathan Chitty 13Sr, Cathy Mosaati 13Sn, Janie Pulu 13Lu, Osamu Toafa 13Lv, Josiah Faaaoga 12By, Kyle Moodley 12Ed and Jayden Johnson 10Db. Equally as impressive were Sol Judicpa 11Ty, Olano Khadja 11Ai and Aeya Pancera 11Ds, who performed a contemporary dance titled ‘Tadow ’in which the dancers bodies represented music and musical instruments.

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the following students who were awarded OHS Scholarships.

NCEA Level 1 Scholarships

  • Ellice Adler
  • Sophie-Lee Bosson
  • Maya Edmunds
  • Holly Hu
  • Ali Lovatt
  • Millie Rogers
  • Josh Saldua
  • Lee Wong

NCEA Level 2 Scholarships

  • Finn Johnston
  • Caitlin Read
  • Karolina Vachudova
  • Harry Ward-Hayes
  • Darcie Sutton

NCEA Level 3 Scholarships

  • Matthew Moran
  • Sophia Wells
  • Lesley Ly
  • Jacob Ngan-Sue


Proxime Accessit - Lesley Ly

Dux Litterarum - Jacob Ngan-Sue

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