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Date: 30 November 2018



2018  Junior Sports Awards

The Junior Sports Awards held in the Gym this week were an opportunity to acknowledge all those students who participate in sport at OHS.

Mr Coombes began by thanking all students who had played sport this year. He encouraged everyone to participate again next year. There are teams available at all skill levels. If you have never played before you can still be involved. Playing sport is a great way to learn skills that are important in life. Teamwork, commitment, loyalty and courage are just some of the skills that you develop when you play sport. It is a great thing to have on your CV, when one day you apply for leadership roles, scholarships, courses or jobs! So do not be afraid to try something new. Make the most of every opportunity!

Congratulations to all students who received awards. Thank you to all those coaches, managers and teachers who gave up time to make it possible for so many students to play.

Thank you also to Head Girl Emma Tuave and Prefects Chryss Viliko and Alexander Lam Sam for coming back to school to MC and help with the Award Ceremony.

Main Awards

2018 Sports Badges-Final Presentation

Year 9

Junior Faaiva 9Pj Bronze

Odeci Sane 9Mk Bronze

Ben Webb 9Cw Gold

Year 10

Matuata Fifita 10Ku Bronze

Andre O’Connell 10Pk Bronze

Eden Ili 10Pk Silver

Nathaniel Tangimataiti 10Cp Gold

2018 Regional & National Representatives

Jada Tairea 10 Up                           Auckland Counties Manukau U17’s Basketball

Andre O’Connell 10 Pk                   Counties U14 Softball, NZ U15 ISA Softball

Puakeri Glassie 9Pk                       Niue U14 Tag, Maori U14 Tag

Nathaniel Tangimataiti 10Cp           Akarana Falcons League & Brisbane Broncos U14  


Payton Brown 9Sl                           NZ Softball U14

Odeci Sane 9Mk                             NZ Karate U13

Johnsim Rangi 9Ps                        Akarana Falcons League

Matuata Fifi 10Ku                           Auckland Central U14 Rugby

Junior Faaiva 9Pj                           Auckland Central U14 Rugby

Tuvaka Palu 9Sl                             Auckland Central U14 Rugby

Jadah Punoua Raki 10Cp              Auckland Waka Ama

Eden Ili 10Pk                                  Auckland Counties Manukau U17 Basketball

Ben Webb 9Cw                              Central Districts Cricket U14

Tyrone Woon 9sl                            Auckland Counties Manukau U15 Basketball


2018 Junior Team of the Year- Junior Boys Volleyball

                                                                  2018 Junior Sportswoman of the Year- Eden Ili

        2018 Junior Sportsman of the Year- Nathaniel Tangimataiti



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