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Onehunga High School maintains a comprehensive ICT infrastructure, including an extensive school Wi-Fi network. Students have access to specialist computer technology and software in subjects such as Design, Music, and Media Studies, along with access to a number of self-contained computer pods.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At Onehunga High School we require all students to have a BYOD device, to support their learning at school. 

 What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device is where families purchase a device for their child to use here at Onehunga High School as well as at home.   The device is brought into school each day for use during lessons.   

What are the minimum specs that are required?

The device needs to meet these minimum specifications:

  • A physical keyboard
  • A screen that is at least 11”
  • Battery life that lasts at least 5 hours
  • 4GB of memory
  • The latest version of Chrome browser
  • It able to connect to a wi-fi network

Where can I get a device / How much will a device cost?

The school doesn’t sell devices.  You may purchase a device from any retail outlet and many providers offer competitive pricing on a range of device that will meet the school’s minimum requirements.  Devices range in cost, depending on the features of the device.  We recommend the Chromebooks which can be purchased for $300 - $400. Many of these places also offer payment plans to help spread the cost of a device out.  Some links are provided below.

Retailers offering new chromebooks:

Several retailers also offer refurbished chromebooks such as:


At school we make use of the Google Education Suite (see below) which is free for students to access.  Students are provided with a login and password that allows them to access google docs as well as classroom pages so no extra software is required.


If you have any questions around BYOD, please contact us at school. 


Access to the School Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to the school wifi is only possible on a device such as a Chromebook or laptop.  There will be no school wifi connectivity for mobile phones.  We ask that all students bring in their BYOD device during the first week of school so that it can be registered to connect with the school wifi.  Registering devices will take place in classes during the first week of school.


Google Apps for Education

Onehunga High School utilises the Google Apps for Education platform, which we call ‘OneLearn’. Our students all have their own OneLearn account, which gives them access to Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, and their own Gmail account. Our teachers have undertaken extensive professional development on how to use this platform effectively, and many regularly use the Google suite as part of their teaching programme at all levels.

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