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Onehunga High School maintains a comprehensive ICT infrastructure, including an extensive school Wi-Fi network. Students have access to specialist computer technology and software in subjects such as Design, Music, and Media Studies, along with access to a number of self-contained computer pods.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

After a successful trial in 2016, all Year 9 students in 2019 are asked to bring a device to support their learning. If students do not already have a device, we recommend purchasing a Chromebook, and have special deals in place to ensure our families secure competitive pricing. 

To view our 2019 BYOD flyer, Please click here.

We believe that this initiative is enhancing the learning for our students, and provides another tool to improve student achievement. We have already seen improvements in student engagement and learning across a number of classes where students have their own device.


We encourage students at all levels to bring their own device to school to support their learning.


Google Apps for Education

Onehunga High School utilises the Google Apps for Education platform, which we call ‘OneLearn’. Our students all have their own OneLearn account, which gives them access to Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, and their own Gmail account. Our teachers have undertaken extensive professional development on how to use this platform effectively, and many regularly use the Google suite as part of their teaching programme at all levels.

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