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Course Selector

IMPORTANT: Before using the Course Selector make sure that you have read the Course Information / Academic Programme and understand how NCEA works.

Using the Course Selector:

  1. Select the year level that you will be in next year.   
  2. The compulsory courses for that Year level and the course information will appear.
  3. Using the Drop down box under course choices, select the courses that you would like to take next year.   Information about each course will appear.  
  4. Once you have selected the required number of courses, a summary of your potential course will be provided.
  5. To change any of your selected courses, click the rubbish bin to remove the course and select another.
  6. Once you are happy with your course you are able to save it, by clicking on Save Courses.

Sending it to your Kaitiaki Teacher:  (You will be able to send your courses to your Kaitiaki from Monday 25th July 2022)

  1. Enter your name in the Student Name Field.
  2. Select the name of your Kaitiaki Teacher.
  3. Make sure the courses you would like to do next year are selected.
  4. Click Email Kaitiaki.

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