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Te Ara Wananga

Te Ara Wananga (Buchanan Programme: Pathway to University)


Onehunga High School is working with the University of Auckland and the Buchanan Charitable Foundation to provide a programme for promising students to enable greater success at University Entrance (UE). 

Te Ara Wananga (Buchanan Programme: Pathway to University) is being offered from 2020 to 2024 and will provide academic support and advocacy for students and families. As part of the programme, students will have access to a variety of support initiatives including tutoring, academic conferencing, wananga, trips and various skills workshops. 

The programme is grounded in findings from previous research conducted through the university into the factors that enhance success at secondary school and entry into university education. It is our hope that students selected to participate in Te Ara Wananga will help inform and build better outcomes for all students at Onehunga High School.

For more information, please contact: Janeen Bhandari (Lead Teacher for Te Ara Wananga) at [email protected]



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