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How to apply 

Each tertiary institution and independant organisation have a slightly different process for their scholarship applications, however most applications are submitted through their online portal. Before you get to that stage however, there are things you can start doing to prepare.

Remember to be successful with your application, you need to show that you have made the most of the oportunities that you have been given; that you have not only done well academically, but have been involved in some of the extensive co-curricular activities available at OHS.

Get involved in your school and community.

  • Email Mrs Kurtovich/Mrs Shaw or Ms Huri for our Scholarship google classroom code and begin writing your 'Personal Statement'.  Make sure it stands out from the crowd! You might want to include:
    • Your personal, academic and career goals
    • Why you want to study at that particular tertiary institution
    • Academic/sporting/cultural/artistic/community successes and awards
    • Description of any leadership positions you have held
    • Why you believe you deserve this scholarship
  • Collect evidence for your application. If you are applying for a scholarship based on community involvement, sporting success, financial need or other non-academic factors, make sure you have documentation that supports your achievements. 
  • Request a reference. Think about one or two people who you could ask to write you a reference to support your scholarship application. These should be people of significance, e.g. a coach, a church leader, or community mentor. It cannot be your teacher, a member of your family or a friend. Wherever possible, ask them to write the reference on an official letterhead, and include their email address and phone number. 

List of Scholarships

For information on all external scholarships use the Moneyhub website which is the most comprehensive and up to date.

For more information about scholarships or to apply, please contact Mrs Kurtovich, Mrs Shaw or Ms Huri

The information below is a guide only, you must use the Moneyhub website to verify all information particularly closing dates.


Area of interest/Criteria

Closing Date

Special Awards


Edna Waddell (Women in Technology and Engineering)

The Edna Waddell scholarships are for women entering their first year of full time study for undergraduate degrees in professional engineering or technology at New Zealand universities. 

PriceWaterhouse ($7,000 towards fees)

A PwC staff member to mentor you during your study, a paid summer internship to develop the foundation skills for your career, access to business networks amongst the best and brightest minds in New Zealand at our social and scholarship events, and the opportunity to learn about what we do behind the scenes, so you can choose the career path that best suits you.  All interested applicants must see Mr FIlipo by Tuesday 4th July.

Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries ($1,000)

Available to first-year Māori undergraduate students who attended secondary school as a Year 13 student in 2016. Priority will be given to students with academic merit and financial need. 


Maintenance Engineering Society of New Zealand

This $5000 scholarship is available to assist students commencing study towards a MESNZ/IPENZ accredited engineering degree, diploma or certificate at any level

Deadline 31st August 2017

Quota ($5,000 per year)

If you are interested in this scholarship you must contact Mr Filipo by Tuesday 4th July.

AMP Study start scholarship

The Study Start Scholarship is for a Year 12 or 13 student who is aiming to make a positive difference in New Zealand through their field of study or training. You don’t have to be a straight A student but you do need to be passionate and determined to pursue your dream. The scholarship is worth up $10,000



AUT VC Significant Student Scholarship ($6,500 per year for 3 years)

Leadership through academic excellence and/or achievement at a high level in sporting/ cultural/community. 260 or 300 rank score depending.

1 September

AUT New Horizons Scholarship ($6,500 per year for 3 years)

Decile 1-4 / Leadership potential / Preference given to those enrolling at AUT South Campus. 250 rank score.

1 September

AUT Kiwa Undergraduate Scholarship ($6,500 per year for 3 years)

Maori/Pasifika - leadership potential - academically able. 245 rank score.

1 September

AUT ‘First in Family’ Scholarship (full tuition costs)

Neither parent with a degree. Qualify for Student Allowance. Leadership experience/ potential. Minimum rank score of 240.

1 September

AUT Business/Law Maori Scholarship ($6,000 per year up to 3 years)

Maori - Bachelor of Business or Laws. Rank score 230.

1 September

AUT Business/Law Pasifika Scholarship ($6,000 per year up to 3 years)

Pasifika - Bachelor of Business or Laws. Rank score 230.

1 September

AUT Business/Laws Academic Excellence ($6,000 per year up to 3 years)

Excellent academic achievement. Rank score 250.

1 September

Des Graydon Memorial Award

($6,000 per year up to 3 years)

Leadership/role model potential. Limited opportunity to study - financial barriers. Rank score 250.

1 September

Edna Waddell Scholarship ($5,000, one-off)

Women in Engineering or Technology. Must show creativity and leadership skills. Enthusiasm and knowledge.

1 September

Art & Design Excellence ($6,000, one-off)

Art & design. Must be enrolled.

1 September

BA - Chinese ($6,000, one-off)

Academic excellence and other participation.

1 September

Mr M and Mrs T Olechnowicz Scholarship ($1,200, one-off)

Polish students who show potential

31 October

Peter Harwood Scholarship in Community Leadership and Excellence ($6,000, one-off)

Maori - must be enrolled in a certificate, diploma, or degree through Te Ara Poutama.

1 November

AUT South Bachelor of Laws ($6,000, one-off)

Must be studying at AUT South Campus. Rank score 230.

1 December

AUT South Women in STEM - Bachelor of Computer & Information Science ($6,000, one-off)

Must study BCIS at South, and scholarship would make a difference. Support involvement of women in STEM. Rank score 210.

1 December

Communications - Leadership & Excellence ($6,000, one-off)

Must show leadership in promotion of cross-cultural understanding. Academic excellence and/or financial hardship will help.

1 Feb 2017

Bachelor of Science ($6,000, one-off)

Aspirations, personal qualities. Rank score 230.

1 September

Pacific Student Communications Scholarship ($6,000, one-off)

Leadership, involvement in school and community.

1 September

Engineering Scholarship ($6,000, one-off)

Academic excellence.

1 September

GABA Scholarship ($3,000, one-off)

Good role model, identify as LGBTI

30 September

John Tapiata Scholarship ($6,000, one-off)

Maori. Community leadership. Must study within Te Ara Poutama

1 November

Mavis Tuoro Scholarship ($6,000, one-off)

Maori. Community leadership. Must study within Te Ara Poutama

1 November

Keir Trust Award ($13,000 over 3 years)

Financial hardship must be extreme - would not be able to study without the award. Must be eligible for student allowance/other welfare

30 September

Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Awards - Leadership & Inspiration Award

“A young person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities by leading a project in their community, church or school or has acted in a way that has inspired others to make a positive change in their own life.”

2 November



Top Achiever Scholarships ($20,000 & hall of residence place)

“Awarded to exceptional students, who have excellent academic achievement and demonstrated leadership potential.” Rank score 280 (Year 12). Credit given for first-in-family, refugee background or disability.

23 August

Maori Academic Excellence ($20,000 & hall of residence place)

Awarded to New Zealand Māori students, who have excellent academic achievement and active participation in community, cultural and other activities. Rank score 240 (Year 12).

23 August

Pacific Academic Excellence ($20,000 & hall of residence place)

Awarded to domestic Pacific students, who have excellent academic achievement and active participation in community, cultural and other activities. Rank score 240 (Year 12).

23 August

Academic Potential Scholarships ($6,000-$20,000)

This scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved academically, but are experiencing hardships or who may have been disadvantaged due to their personal circumstances (e.g. financial need, disability, refugee background, first-in-family, lower decile school). Rank score 220-250.

23 August

Ralph and Eve Seelye Undergraduate Scholarships ($5,000 per year for duration of degree)

To assist school leavers from decile 1-3 schools who have the potential to succeed at University and who, because of financial hardship, may not otherwise be able to undertake a university degree. Rank score 200.

1 November

Business School Inspiring Futures Scholarships (tuition fees for first year)

To assist students with demonstrated academic ability from Decile 1 to 3 schools who are entering the University and who, because of financial hardship, may not otherwise be able to undertake a university degree.

1 November

Kick Start Engineering Scholarships ($2,000)

Engineering scholarships with a range of criteria.

1 September

Salvation Army Marie Fitness Endowment Scholarships ($6,000 per year for 3 years)

To support young people with demonstrated financial hardship and who are from an underprivileged background to study medicine or pharmacy at the University of Auckland.

1 November



Waikato University Merit Scholarship ($3,000)

Merit certificate endorsement. Automatic qualification.


Waikato University Excellence Scholarship ($5,000)

Excellence certificate endorsement. Automatic qualification.


Waikato University Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship ($10,000 per year)

Excel in academia, leadership, and/or sports/cultural. "Together, we believe the impossible is a summit to be conquered".

31 August

Waikato University Edna Money Future Pacific Leaders' Scholarship ($6,000 per year)

Academically able Pasifika students who show leadership potential.

31 October

D.V. Bryant Trust University of Waikato Residential Scholarship ($7,000 per year towards Halls)

These students will have proven academic potential and demonstrable financial need.

31 October

Michael Baldwin Memorial ($10,000)

Pasifika only. Demonstrate a need for financial support.

15 August

Computer Graphic Design Fees Scholarship ($5,000)

Computer graphic design in the school of Computing & Mathematical Sciences.

14 October

TAPA (Pacific Achievement) (amount TBD)

Pasifika only. For any curriculum area.

Not yet set



NCEA Endorsement Scholarships ($1,000 - $6,000 for one year)

Unlimited number of scholarships based on Level 2 & Level 3 NCEA Certificate endorsement. Automatic qualification so long as you endorse in both certificates. $1,000 - $6,000.

N/A - Automatic qualification

Emerging Leaders ($6,000 for one year + leadership programme)

Available in a number of categories. Category A – All-round Excellence.

b. Category B – Head Girl or Head Boy: Scholarships are available to applicants who were the Head Girl or Head Boy (or who held an equivalent position) in their school in the year of application.

c. Category C – Māori Leadership: Scholarships are available to students of Māori whakapapa (descent).

d. Category D – Pasifika Leadership: Scholarships are available to students of Pasifika descent.

e. Category E – Targeted: Scholarships are available to students in order to support current priorities of the University, which are advertised in advance of the closing date for applications. The targeted scholarships are determined each year, according to funding to be confirmed by sponsoring colleges or departments or schools or alumni of the University.

f. Category F – Sports: Scholarships are available to students who can demonstrate outstanding sporting achievement.

15 August

UC Dux (Up to $6,000 towards fees for one year)

Awarded to the 2016 Dux.

8 December

UC Bright Start (full fees for one year)

For financial or personal hardship.

15 August

UC “Go Canty” ($5,000 towards Halls costs, + free outdoor rec opportunities)

For students wishing to attend Canterbury University from Auckland. Must have achieved L2 with Merit or Excellence endorsement.

1 October



New Frontiers Scholarships

Automatic approval - between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on certificate endorsement in L2 & L3.

4 March ‘17

Academic Excellence ($45,000 over 3 years)

Primarily selected on the basis of outstanding previous academic performance, however leadership qualities and community involvement are also considered. In order to be competitive, we would recommend you have at least 80 excellence credits at NCEA Level 2, or equivalent.

15 August

Leaders of Tomorrow ($6,000, one-off)

Selected based on a balance of academic achievement and leadership (school, sporting, cultural, and/or community involvement). You would usually need to have achieved NCEA Level 2 with an overall excellence commendation, to be competitive for one of these scholarships.

15 August

Maori & Pacific Peoples ($10,000, one-off)

Open to students of Pacific Island or Māori descent, and are selected based on academic ability and community involvement. Some consideration may also be given to the life circumstances of applicants when making selections. NCEA Level 2 with an overall merit commendation is required in order to be considered for these scholarships.

15 August

OU Performance Scholarships ($16,000 over 3 years)

Available to students who have demonstrated academic ability and who are at an elite level for their chosen sport or cultural discipline.  is scholarship is aimed at those who might represent New Zealand in their sport or who might become household names as actors, musicians or dancers. Academically, NCEA Level 2 with Merit is required for consideration.

15 August

Dux Scholarship ($6,000, one-off)

For the 2016 school Dux.

7 December

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