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How to apply 

Each tertiary institution and independant organisation have a slightly different process for their scholarship applications, however most applications are submitted through their online portal. Before you get to that stage however, there are things you can start doing to prepare.

Remember to be successful with your application, you need to show that you have made the most of the opportunities that you have been given; that you have not only done well academically, but have been involved in some of the extensive co-curricular activities available at OHS.

Get involved in your school and community.

  • Email Mrs Kurtovich ( or Ms Muipu ( for our Scholarship google classroom code and begin writing your 'Personal Statement'.  Make sure it stands out from the crowd! You might want to include:
    • Your personal, academic and career goals
    • Why you want to study at that particular tertiary institution
    • Academic/sporting/cultural/artistic/community successes and awards
    • Description of any leadership positions you have held
    • Why you believe you deserve this scholarship
  • Collect evidence for your application. If you are applying for a scholarship based on community involvement, sporting success, financial need or other non-academic factors, make sure you have documentation that supports your achievements. 
  • Request a reference. Think about one or two people who you could ask to write you a reference to support your scholarship application. These should be people of significance, e.g. a coach, a church leader, or community mentor. It cannot be your teacher, a member of your family or a friend. Wherever possible, ask them to write the reference on an official letterhead, and include their email address and phone number. 

List of Scholarships

For information on all external scholarships use the Moneyhub website which is the most comprehensive and up to date.

For more information about scholarships or to apply, please contact Mrs Kurtovich.

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