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Following Assessment Procedures is important.  If they are not followed students run the risk of not being eligible to gain credits for assessment work.  


Assessment Calendar:

Students need to ensure that they meet assessment deadlines and submit assessment work on or before the due date. Assessment dates can be found in the Assessment Calendar.    Students need to check with their teacher to confirm the exact dates and times.  


Assessment Extensions:

The only reasons students will qualify for an extension or a late assessment are:

  1. If they have been sick. Students will need to provide a medical certificate
  2. If there has been family trauma. Students will need a letter from parent/caregiver, Dean or guidance counsellor.
  3. If they have a school commitment. Students will need to talk to the teacher in charge of the activity and ensure they organise an extension or a late assessment BEFORE the event

If students do require an extension then you need to complete the Extension Application form below by clicking on their Year level, these can also be found on their cohort classroom pages.  Work is not accepted after the due date unless in exceptional circumstances or 1 or 2 apply above.  


If students are away on the day of an assessment due to sickness or family trauma, a parent guardian needs to contact the school to let us know the student is away.   We also require the Extension Application form to be completed.

Extensions for school commitments will not be given after the date.



Students may make an appeal within 5 school days of receiving a grade if:

  • They believe the grade given for an internal assessment is unjust.
  • They wish to challenge a ruling by the school on a breach of the assessment rules.
  • The Dean has declined your application for an extension or late assessment opportunity.

Making an appeal

Within 5 school days of receiving a grade:

  1. Contact the subject teacher and review the grade with them.
  2. If the student is not satisfied with the result from this review, then they contact the Head of Department / Teacher in Charge. 
  3. If the student is still not satisfied with these previous two reviews, they must contact the Dean in writing using the Assessment Appeals form and explain why they wish to make an appeal.  Appeals should be supported with evidence that backs up the stated reasons.
  4. The Dean, in consultation with the Associate Principal, will facilitate an appeals process that may involve an expert from outside the school. 



All Assessment work that is handed in needs to be the students own work.   Authenticity is breeched by:

  • Copying any part of another student’s work.
  • Letting parents or tutors do the work.
  • Copying sentences out of a reference book or other source without saying where the words/information came from.
  • Pretending someone else’s work is their own.
  • Allowing your work to be copied.

If a teacher suspects that the work handed in is not authentic, then it will be reported to the Dean to investigate.  If Authenticity is found to have been breached, the student will recieve a Not Achieved for the assessment.


Breaches of Assessment Rules:

These may be

  • Copying or handing in all or part of another student’s work.
  • Undue help from home, or from a tutor, or from a reader-writer.
  • Giving work to another student which allows that student to use it or copy it. This includes giving other students access to their private computer password.
  • Plagiarism (copying out material from a source like a book or the Internet without acknowledging that the words or ideas are someone else’s).
  • Using written or recorded material in a test or examination.
  • Getting another student to sit an assessment.
  • Using unauthorised calculators, electronic, spell-checkers or language dictionaries in internal or external assessments.
  • Communicating with a classmate during an assessment.
  • Gaining access to someone else’s computer password and accessing their work in any way.
  • Not following the teachers’ or supervisors’ instructions. 

If a teacher believes a student has breeched assessment rules, then it will be reported to the Dean to investigate.  If a student is found to have breached the rules, they will recieve a Not Achieved for the assessment.

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