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Date: 28 June 2016



Elicit-'the dream catching academy'

Sometimes opportunities arise that are just awesome and that is exactly how the girls who were lucky enough to attend  Elicit-’the dream catching academy’ three day camp described their experience.

Year 10 Dean Suzanne Amodeo and 8 lucky year 10 girls joined 90 others and attended the camp designed by its founder entrepreneur and philanthropist Annette Presley, to inspire young women from across NZ.

The girls listened to a number of inspirational leaders, who shared the stories of their dreams, the risks, rewards, mistakes and lessons they had learned. The girls made their own Dream Boards designed to make them think about what they loved, what they were passionate about and what they would like to do in the future. They participated in team building activities and made many new friends from different schools. OHS even adopted Tina a girl from Auckland Girls Grammar into their family who they decided showed the LAC attributes that made her one of them!

Both Esther Kolofoua 10ll and Kayla Greening 10Rc found listening to the stories of the leaders  truly inspirational. They were particularly moved by Cam Calkoen, who despite being born with Cerebral Palsy, a disorder that makes walking and even talking difficult, has never given up on his dream to be a 100 metre sprinter. He was told too often that he wouldn’t be able to achieve his dreams.This made him even more determined to prove everyone wrong. He was passionate about running, sports and adventure, he didn’t care what anyone thought and having represented NZ in athletics and running has silenced those who doubted him.

Kayla said that the reason she found the speakers so inspirational was that most of them were disadvantaged in some way, but they just never gave up and were now successful leaders in the community.

Both Esther and Kayla thought that one of the most important lessons that they learnt, was not ever to be afraid of failure. The fear of failure stops you from trying. All the successful people they met had failed. They believed that failure and how you dealt with it, was the key to success! They were told that ‘10% of life is what is thrown at you. 90% of life is how you choose to react to it.’ Ask the question; Do you want it to take advantage of you OR will you take advantage of it?

When asked what else they would take away from the experience, both girls agreed that it was to follow your dreams not the dreams others may have for you, no matter what. Have the confidence to do what you want rather than what is popular.

Having spoken to these inspirational young women I would say that the Elicit camp was a tremendous success.


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