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Date: 13 February 2018



Bring Your Own Device

Thank you to all those students who have been bringing their devices to school each day. At the Year 9 enrolment interviews, families were asked if they were able to make this commitment to their child’s learning and we are delighted to that so many of you are indeed bringing a device to school.

OHS is committed to lifting the achievement levels of all our students. In the digital world which we live in, we need to empower our students by ensuring that they have the skills necessary to participate fully in both further education and employment when they leave us. All workplaces require the use of technology.

Using technology is second nature to students. They have grown up with it and incorporate it in almost  every aspect of their lives. Learning how to use apps in the classroom prepares them for the world that they live in.

We want our students to be motivated and engaged learners. For these reasons we ask that all students bring a device to school each day.

If you are unable to do so please do not hesitate to contact your child's Dean.


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